Packing art materials for a holiday

Art materials on holiday Jeanne-Marie Persaud Artist

I often pack too many art materials when I go on holiday. It’s like I embody the “home away from home” tagline and end up packing to create a studio away from home! I have noticed that most of the time I don’t use half the items I take with me so I decided to plan a bit better for my next holiday.

Before arriving at my destination I had a bus trip and an overnight layover. I wanted to take items that were safe to board on the plane, easy to manage and required barely any time to clean and pack away. Equally important was that they fitted easily in my backpack along with my other travel essentials.

List of supplies

  • Small sketchbook
  • Selection of papers
  • Glue stick
  • Water soluble pencils/crayons
  • Small jar or container to fill with water

Plan ahead of time

To be ultra prepared :-

  • Prime your pages with gesso
  • Pre-select collage papers
    Choose collage papers that you want to work with. Have a mixture of plain and patterned papers. Additionally, have papers that are already pre cut so you don’t need to pack a pair of scissors!
  • Ensure your pencils are sharpened. Just a couple of warm and cool colours will do.
  • Get a small light zippered case or a tin to easily pack everything away. I found it was easier to lay all my items flat in a tin.

Here are a few pages I made. I created these while waiting to board my flight, while on board and even while travelling on the bus! Ironically I managed to score empty seats next to me all the way!! but even if I hadn’t I was well equipped and was able to create art pieces with only a few materials on board. See what I did there 🙂

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post and it provided some insight on packing art materials for your holiday. If you would like to know more about my practice and to be the first to get my offerings you can sign up below to join my newsletter.


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