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I believe art and life are interconnected. I paint as a means to process life’s mysteries and complexities and it is this enquiry of truth and vulnerability I share with you.

Abstract painter in England glazing
Jeanne-Marie Persaud England
Abstract painter in England

A Passage of Time Series

In this series I was honouring the passage of time. I was reflecting on all aspects of time – the moments of acceptance and anticipation. The space between slumber and awakening;  those special moments shared and others spent in solitude.

A series of 8” x 8” abstract paintings on canvas panel set in tray frames.


“The riskiness of art, the reason why it affects us, is not the riskiness of its subject matter, it is the risk of creating a new way of seeing, a new way of thinking” – Jeanette Winterson

I am an abstract artist and I paint to find a deeper meaning to a sense of place and a moment of time.  I work without a set plan to channel and express my thoughts freely. Using a variety of mediums I allow my paintings to take form as I am led through an interchanging process of application, texture, colour and pattern.

 As I navigate through life with curiosity and courage I share my paintings with you and invite you to experience a new way of seeing.

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    Choosing titles for paintings

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  • Natural tools for art making
    Natural tools for art making

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