On the move!

Studio near the sea

One thing I’ve learnt over the years is to not allow fear to stop me from the excitement of new adventures.

One day my partner saw an ad for a “dream job” which meant that we would be saying goodbye to Norfolk where we were comfortably settled for over three years.  As a lover of change, I was eager to support him on this venture and within a month we both resigned from our jobs and made our way north, 180 miles to Scarborough, North Yorkshire.  In the middle of a pandemic this would seem like a risky venture but on the other hand when is the right time to say yes to such an opportunity?

I lived out of a suitcase in an airbnb while looking for a permanent place to live. It was sometimes challenging but I was armed with a box of carefully selected art materials which soon gave me comfort. I decided to explore the subtleties of the quiet spaces in my paintings and new ways of creating interesting marks within these spaces. In my art box I had a few primary colours, black and white, some water soluble pencils, pastels and a few brushes.

Never being able to fully commit to a sketchbook practice I knew I was in for a challenge but with the shops still closed and the occasional freak snow storms in mid April I was able to stay focused being mostly indoors. Here are some of my sketchbook pages during what turned out to be a two month stay!

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