"For a very long time I have been fascinated by the mysticism of life and our participation and reaction to life's challenges as we operate between living with faith and in fear. It is through the real and unreal realms of my existence I learn of my strengths and limitations, my expectations, desires and fears and it is this vulnerability and truth I aim to share as an artist."

My interest in art started at a young age whilst growing up on the Caribbean isle of Trinidad. In 1998 I left to travel the world spending 4 years in the UK then residing in Australia for 16 years before eventually returning to the UK in 2016. I am now settled in a beautiful seaside town on the North Norfolk coast.

I am an abstract artist influenced by nature, especially the land and sea. I mostly work without a set plan using a variety of mediums and surfaces. My paintings take form as I allow myself to be led through an interchanging process of application, texture, colour and patterns to create something tangible. My intention is to challenge myself to paint beyond the confines of my mind whilst inviting the viewer to experience a renewed possibility of seeing.

I believe that the range of the art I am creating is a true reflection of my journey and shows my connection to both the world and outlook on life.