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I believe there is a deeper meaning to what we look at. I create artwork to evoke emotion and invite you to experience a new way of seeing.

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I am an abstract artist and I paint as a response to the energy around me, life's mysteries and complexities.  I am fascinated by the mysticism of life and try to find a deeper meaning to a sense of place and a moment of time.

I work without a set plan using a variety of mediums and surfaces to allow my paintings to take form as I am led through an interchanging process of application, texture, colour and patterns in an attempt to channel and express my thoughts as I navigate through life.

My intention is to challenge myself to paint beyond the confines of my mind and to learn of my strengths and limitations, my expectations, desires and fears.  It is this vulnerability and truth I aim to share with you.

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  • From snow to studio

    From snow to studio

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